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Birthdate:Apr 28
Location:Texas, United States of America
*nickers and waves a hoof in greeting* So now that you have stumbled upon my little corner of the world I guess you might want to know a little bit about the unicorn. Well, true to unicorn nature I am rather reclusive and keep to myself a decent bit though I have been sighted out and about on several occasions. When sighted in the wild I am rarely alone though. Generally I will be sighted with my mate and/or with a rather close knit group of local friends.

In the real world, while I may not be a unicorn, I do feel a close affinity to all equines. I basically grew up with equines in my life since my parents or extended family have always had horses. Even though I grew up around them I still have quite a lot to learn about them since it was never my task to tend to their day to day needs. However, I can hold my own with them as well as in the saddle though I don't get the chance to ride too often.

Other than that, I am a 44 year old (yes I am an old nag :P) Civil Engineer living and working in the Dallas/Forth Worth area. I have been in this part of the world off and now for about 10 years and while North Texas is not my ideal place to live it does provide a good job market for the industry that I am in. I currently have two men in my life; Kevin, my mate of 17 years, and Nikolai, my 5.5 year old Malamute.

I am a Wiccan though I have to say that the term pagan probably suits me better. I have issues with organized religion but I do respect all faiths as long as they don't intrude into my life or cause harm to the world. I don't take issue with Christians as long as they realize that they cannot convert me and I will not be preached to. Respect my beliefs and I will respect yours.

Blessed be.

This is a work in progress so it is no where near complete and I will add to it as the inspiration hits me.

Random thoughts:

An idea spurred on by my wolf bud Grifter:

Instead of "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" the correct motto should be "Forget the Cow, Ride the Horseboy" *nods* As a horseboy I fully support this concept. ^.^

Decode my furcode:
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The valiant Horse loves speed, adventure, freedom and change. Impatient by nature, Horses insist that life revolves around them. When they have a chance to do something great, they will dive in with both hands, but their lack of discernment between promising and not-so-promising opportunities can block their success. Their great sense of humor makes Horses amusing friends. Their intelligence, passion and discipline will create good luck for them.

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